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A bitter wind whistles past you and you feel the adrenaline pulsing through your body. Mountain biking is not just a sport but a passion. Steep downhills, high jumps and drastic speeds – is no challenge too great for you? Anyone seeking the thrill of mountain biking is not afraid of falls.

A perfectly fitting helmet is essential to protect your head on every adventurous ride through unpredictable terrain. You will find your perfect mountain bike helmet here. Whether you’re a daredevil, racy explorer or indomitable battler – you need an MTB helmet that will perform at its best when put to the test and never let you down.

What a good mountain bike helmet has to achieve

A mountain bike helmet accompanies you on your adventures through rough terrain – low hanging branches, unknown paths and changing light conditions in the forest present your bike helmet with huge challenges: It has to combine reliable protection, pleasant ventilation, effective sun protection and low weight.

A CRATONI MTB helmet does just that – it offers you maximum safety, comfort and flexibility, so you can reach your destination with a proper airstream and have lots of fun on your next tour. The requirements for a mountain bike helmet vary depending on the discipline. Whether it’s downhill, cross-country, trial or uphill – our MTB helmets all impress with a solid construction to protect you ideally on every ride uphill or downhill. You can buy high quality models from us with an effective system that leaves nothing to be desired. They are your protectors on rough and daring rides through nature.

Mountain bike helmet in a half shell – you can conquer every hill with it

The classic version of a mountain bike helmet is called an MTB helmet. With this you are perfectly equipped for hilly all-mountain trails. This type of bike helmet covers about half the head and is very comfortable to wear as it is lightweight. This makes it a must-have, especially over short distances and on easy trails.

The MADROC is a classic. It is an absolute masterpiece in terms of technical features. If you are looking for a mountain bike helmet that combines function and a cool design, the ALLSET is just right for you. This helmet ensures a breezy and racy ride.

Do you wear glasses and are you an intrepid mountain biker? Wearing an MTB helmet with glasses is not a problem. If you want, you can also try on our helmets to make sure they fit. There are a wide range of different models available – every biker is guaranteed to find what they are looking for here.

MTB fullface helmet: the perfect protection for enduro and downhill

The MTB fullface helmet is a master when it comes to maximum protection. This MTB helmet with removable chin protection is the ultimate for downhill riders: if you ride down steep and bumpy slopes on a mountain bike, you need a helmet with reinforced safety. The MTB fullface helmet protects your head and face – even when riding in demanding terrain.

Compared to classic MTB helmets, a fullface helmet is characterised by it being heavier and having less ventilation. This system is necessary though so you can absorb an impact despite high speeds. You get more than a simple bicycle helmet here: An MTB fullface helmet accompanies you if you don’t have any limits on enduro tours. If you are into extremely daring and action-packed downhills, the C-MANIAC 2.0 MX is the right choice for you. It is your perfect head protection for tours where the going gets really tough.

Why you should buy a quality mountain bike helmet

You know exactly what you expect from your helmet: Whether it’s an MTB half shell or fullface helmet – both versions meet high safety standards. This is due to a sophisticated system that provides reliable protection in all models. A CRATONI MTB helmet guarantees that the impact forces are kept away from your head in the event of a fall. The high quality foam shell conducts these forces, which could otherwise seriously injure you, into the inside of the helmet. Please note that riding without perfect head protection can be fatal. As there is no more and no less than your health at stake, you should attach great importance to the quality of your helmet.

How can you tell that your MTB helmet fits perfectly

The prerequisite for a perfectly fitting mountain bike helmet is the right size. You need to have a tape measure to hand to work this out. Measure your head circumference and then choose the right size. Apart from the size, there are other factors to consider when putting on the helmet: there should be a gap between the head and the helmet shell – this is the best way to protect your head in the event of a fall. You can tell that the helmet fits well by the fact that the strap dividers are located just below the ear. If these straps are sticking out, you know the strap is too long. Loosen the plug fixing at the top of the helmet to adjust the strap triangle to your measurements.

The height of the head ring is just as relevant: Use the neck adjustment so that the mountain helmet fits snugly in the back of the neck. Now for the strap length: do not leave more than a finger wide space on the chin when tightening the straps. Make sure that your helmet is never too loose! Otherwise, in a worst case scenario the helmet could slip off your head in the event of a collision.

No compromises:

MTB helmets for women

The mountain biking sport knows no limits! Mountain biking has not just been a male domain for a long time. Even as a tough lady you will get your money’s worth with one of our MTB helmets! You won’t find the mountain bike helmets divided into men and women with us. Whether you’re a man or woman, you will definitely cut a fine figure and make no compromises in terms of safety with our mountain bike helmets. As far as the colour of your helmet is concerned, you can really go wild with all the options here.

Do you want to buy a mountain bike helmet and are looking for the product that is the perfect fit for you? Then CRATONI is just right for you. Find your local CRATONI retailer now and get the perfect protection for your head, so you can throw yourself into your next mountain bike adventure without any worries. Do you have any questions about our models or would you like some advice? We will be happy to assist you.