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E-bike helmet by CRATONI

Stylish design, perfect comfort and top safety: the CRATONI e-bike helmets prove to you that these features can be combined perfectly with each other. Our helmets for pedelecs and e-bikes set standards in terms of head protection and provide you with the best prerequisites for safe business trips, relaxing recreational outings or ambitious tours on holiday.

From design star to smart head protection

The e-bike helmet range

Do you attach great importance to additional safety features with your e-bike helmet? Are you in your element with high speeds? Or are you a fan of smart technology and you’d like to benefit from this with your e-bike helmet too?

Whatever your wishes and requirements for your e-bike helmet are – with the CRATONI e-bike helmet range you will find the right model for you.

A few examples:


The C-LOOM is the ideal model for e-purists. This e-bike helmet is one of the most successful CRATONI models in the e-bike segment and was awarded the Eurobike Design Award. Its technical details are also excellent, for example the luminous tape on the back, the Clean Tex padding or the LFS – an extremely easy adjustment mechanism.


A design gem for vintage enthusiasts: the MILANO Italo-Jet helmet is the headturner in traffic and can of course also impress in terms of safety. This is ensured by features such as full protection for maximum head protection and the folding visor with aluminium visor mechanism.


Smart urban mobility – that’s what the SMARTRIDE e-bike helmet lives up to with ease. The name says it all, as this CRATONI model offers you much more than conventional e-bike helmets: you can operate the indicators and lights on your helmet using the remote control attached to the handlebars. Thanks to Smartride, you can take photos or videos, analyse your rides or send an SOS to emergency contacts in the event of an accident using the free CRATONI App.

How does an e-bike helmet differ from a “normal” bicycle helmet?

In contrast to the “classic” bicycle helmet, the pedelec and e-bike models have fewer ventilation slots, as riding these bikes tends to be less strenuous. Nevertheless, you can of course rely on good air circulation thanks to the numerous ventilation openings.

The same safety standards basically apply to e-bike helmets and bicycle helmets: Helmets for the European market must meet the CE standard EN 1078. Only pedelecs with a speed of 45 km/h (which the compulsory wearing of helmets applies to) have more advanced safety requirements. Nevertheless, special e-bike helmets have safety differences to the bicycle helmet in order to cope with the generally higher speeds and the associated greater risk of injury in an accident.

A glance at our CRATONI e-bike helmet range will make this difference clearly visible: The helmets are characterized by a larger protective surface, namely in the area of the temples and the back of the head. These sensitive head areas are optimally protected as a result. You also get much more stable head protection than with a conventional bicycle helmet.

And what is the e-bike helmet standard?

As just described you must wear suitable head protection as it is compulsory to wear a helmet with e-bikes/s-pedelecs up to 45 km/h. The legislator uses the term “suitable helmet” but does not make any more precise specifications. So far, there is no special helmet class for s-pedelecs or a generally applicable standard for this type of e-bike comparable to the CE standard EN 1078 or the standard for motorcycle helmets, the ECE standard R2205.

However, the Netherlands developed its own e-bike helmet standard for s-pedelecs in early 2017. It is designated NTA 8776. It will most likely also become the basis for a future EU e-bike helmet standard.

At CRATONI you will also find numerous e-bike helmets that comply with the NTA 8776 e-bike helmet standard and are therefore suitable for s-pedelecs. These include the CRATONI SMARTRIDE, CRATONI VIGOR, CRATONI COMMUTER and CRATONI C-MUTE.

In contrast to an e-bike helmet that does not meet this standard, models in compliance with NTA 8776 offer you the following advantages:

  • About 40 percent better damping compared to a bicycle helmet
  • E-bike helmet with large field of vision and improved ventilation
  • Special fastening systems.

In addition, the models VIGOR and MILANO meet the motorcycle helmet standard ECE-R 22.05.

Whether it’s a city trip, the ride to work every day or an e-bike outing – CRATONI has the right helmet for every e-biker’s requirements. You can find suitable retailers where you can try out and buy our models using the retailer search.

E-bike helmet with visor

In the CRATONI e-bike helmet range overview, you will also find that many helmets are equipped with a visor, e.g. the CRATONI SMARTRIDE, CRATONI EVO and CRATONI COMMUTER. This is also due to the higher speed: with the visor you have less problems with the wind, insects or dust particles. All this can affect the enjoyment of cycling at high speeds. If you prefer more leisurely rides in the town and country, an e-bike helmet without visor will also do.

By the way: every CRATONI e-bike helmet with visor is available in different visor designs. And: all visor helmets are suitable for spectacle wearers!

Compulsory helmets with e-bikes – what do you need to consider?

There is no compulsory wearing of helmets for e-bikes or pedelecs.

Important exception: you own or ride a pedelec with push assistance that supports you when pedalling at up to 45 km/h – a so-called S-pedelec. Strictly speaking, it is already compulsory to wear a helmet with e-bikes, but this is (currently) restricted to e-bikes up to 45 km/h. A normal e-bike/pedelec has an auxiliary motor that only supports you up to a maximum of 25 km/h, and is therefore legally as valid as a normal bicycle – as a result it is not compulsory to wear a helmet.

Despite it not being compulsory to wear helmets with e-bikes, we recommend that you wear a helmet in any case when riding an e-bike, ideally a special model like those in our CRATONI e-bike range with additional protection for temples and the back of the head. This can prevent serious head injuries. There are also no more excuses with regard to what the helmet looks like as there is a suitable design for every style with the CRATONI e-bike helmets. That’s a guarantee!