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Bicycle helmets are often unpopular with children and perceived as a hindrance – but the ride to school at dawn in particular is an everyday danger. A bicycle helmet provides more safety and prevents serious head injuries. To ensure that your child is well protected, you should consider a few points when choosing a children’s bicycle helmet, especially with regard to quality and the right size. The design is also an important purchase criterion though as your child will only wear the helmet if they like the design.

CRATONI children’s bicycle helmets are characterised by high-quality material, state-of-the-art functions and a chic design. All the bicycle helmets have been subjected to numerous crash tests and therefore meet the highest safety requirements.

Safely on the road with a bicycle helmet for children

Regardless of whether it’s a family outing or the daily ride to school, a children’s bicycle helmet is an essential part of the safety equipment. Even though there is no legal requirement to wear a helmet in Germany, children in particular should not get on their bikes without a helmet. Basically, a bicycle helmet is recommended for children from the age of 1, as the neck muscles do not have the necessary stability before that. Wearing a helmet earlier can in the worst case lead to head injuries due to the weight.

When choosing a children’s bicycle helmet, you should pay attention to the official test marks such as TÜV, CE or GS seal, which guarantee compliance with German and EU safety standards. You should also consider the EN 1078 standard for the best protection. You can of course rely on all CRATONI children’s bicycle helmets to comply with these standards.

In addition, you should involve your child in choosing the model, as what it looks like is an essential aspect for them accepting and wearing it. Bright and striking colours should be chosen for the design, as they increase visibility on the one hand and reduce the helmet from heating up due to sunlight on the other hand.

Bicycle helmet for children – tips for the right size

The correct fit is crucial to ensure that the bicycle helmet provides optimum protection and comfort for your child. A poorly fitting helmet may slip and cause serious damage in the event of a fall. In addition, if the helmet does not fit properly, there is the problem that your child will not want to even wear it.
You have to measure the head circumference with a tape measure to find the right size. The head circumference in centimetres then corresponds to the size indication on the children’s bicycle helmet. Many manufacturers specify the sizes from XS to XL, which vary greatly depending on the brand. Which is why you should check the appropriate centimetre measurements before buying.

If your child’s head circumference is between two sizes, you should always choose the larger one. Generally speaking: The bicycle helmet should not be able to be moved off the head using your hands and no more than one finger should fit between the head and the helmet. If you are still unsure about the size, it is best to contact the appropriate local specialist.

Bicycle helmet for children – buying tips

The selection of children’s bicycle helmets is huge – you should consider the following aspects when buying one to guarantee perfect protection and that it is suitable for your child:

  • Weight
  • Ventilation
  • Material

  • Try on bicycle helmets before buying
  • Do not buy a used helmet
  • Children’s bicycle helmets should be equipped with reflectors or LED light
  • Shape and design

Which types of bicycle helmet are available for children?

There are three basic models of bicycle helmets: the micro-shell, hard shell and soft shell helmet. The following table shows you the advantages and disadvantages of the models:

Soft shell helmet

  • Foam and helmet shell are glued together
  • Poor stability
  • Lightweight and very comfortable to wear
  • Difficult to clean

Hard shell helmet

  • Inmold technique (shell and rigid foam are welded together)
  • High protection factor
  • Lightweight and durable
  • High purchase price

Micro-shell helmet

  • The classic bicycle helmet for children
  • Surface made of thin plastic layer
  • Ventilation openings
  • Very sturdy
  • Heavy

Children’s bicycle helmets from CRATONI

The bicycle helmets for children by CRATONI are characterised by their extremely high robustness and quality. This ensures the highest level of safety and optimum comfort. The adjustment mechanism on every bike helmet allows you to adjust the size quickly and easily.

Good visibility is ensured by the innovative rear lights, such as those on the MAXSTER PRO-R model, which also make journeys possible in the darkness and twilight. The bicycle helmets have a channel system on the inside that provides perfect ventilation.

The multiple test winner PACER not only impresses with the best possible protection but also with its low weight and unusual design in various combinations. Your children are sure to wear the MAXSTER model voluntarily due to its imaginative design.

Thanks to the optimal protection provided by the temple cover and integrated rear light, you can rest assured that the kids are safe on their bikes.

Would you like to try out some of the CRATONI children’s bicycle helmet models? Simply use our retailer search to find several specialist retailers near you.