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CRATONI does not compromise when it comes to performance and safety: We offer cycling fans, and those who want to become keen cyclists, absolute top class road bike helmets. With their improved aerodynamics and uniquely high level of comfort, our CRATONI road bike helmets cut a fine figure on any route – and are therefore just as perfect for amateur cyclists as for experienced professionals. Check out our range of bicycle helmets for road bikes and find out what a difference a professional road bike helmet design really makes.

CRATONI road bike helmet

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As cycling experts, we know what moves racing cyclists and why the road bike helmet is still a much-discussed topic. Aspects such as a lack of ventilation, feeling too heavy and uncomfortable to wear unfortunately lead to cyclists often doing without the essential head protection and putting their health at risk as a result. Top speeds of up to 100 km/h are often reached, especially on steep descents: even the slightest incident here can result in serious or even fatal injuries. This makes it all the more important for you to opt for a road bike helmet that not only has a perfect fit but also effectively absorbs hard impacts against the head.

Comfortable. Safe. Light. The bike helmet for road bikes.

Whether it’s the weight, finish or fit: the CRATONI road bike helmet impresses with top performance in all areas. At our distribution partners you will find a large selection of extremely light and superbly ventilated bicycle helmets for road bikes – all of course tested and certified according to strict testing standards. The CRATONI road bike helmet offers you effective all-round protection, especially in the area of the temples and the back of the head. Get one of our racing bike helmets at a low price and benefit from the best possible protection in the event of a crash or accident. With our products your excuses and reservations about road bike helmets will no longer carry weight.

Where does the CRATONI road bike helmet get its special shape from?

A racing or triathlon helmet’s performance significantly depends on its shape. A good road bike helmet is distinguished by an aerodynamic helmet shell that tapers to the rear and has a smooth surface. This ensures the lowest possible air resistance, which reduces the additional effort required when sprinting to a minimum. And so that we can be sure that you are completely satisfied with your CRATONI road bike helmet’s performance, every product undergoes extensive tests in the wind tunnel.

What distinguishes a CRATONI road bike helmet?

Unlike conventional bicycle helmets, the CRATONI road bike and triathlon helmet meets requirements in terms of aerodynamics, ventilation and comfort. Our bicycle helmet for road bikes therefore has a number of special features:

  • Aerodynamic shape tapering to the rear
  • Extremely light material for a perfect fit
  • Numerous ventilation openings to keep the head cool
  • Ideal fit thanks to integrated Light-Fit-System (LFS)
  • Reflectors for improved visibility at twilight and in the dark
  • Removable visor
  • Camera port
  • And much more

It is our claim to always respond perfectly to our cyclists’ needs and wishes. Thanks to the light weight, perfect fit and intelligent closure systems, the CRATONI road bike helmet has long since become an integral part of professional cycling.

Why does the CRATONI road bike helmet have so many openings?

So hand on heart now: anyone who loves road cycling does not undertake tranquil tours through the countryside but wants to put their (physical) limits to the test and constantly achieve new top performances. Sooner or later everyone starts to sweat – especially when strenuous uphill rides lie between the cyclist and their next stage destination. The heat generated by physical exertion is mainly regulated through the head but this only works if the head is sufficiently ventilated. This is exactly where the problem lies: conventional bicycle helmets effectively protect the head from injuries but not from overheating. In contrast to this, the CRATONI racing and triathlon helmet has a large number of strategically placed ventilation openings that ensure that the head is always well cooled.

What makes the CRATONI bicycle helmet for road bikes so exceptionally light?

Every real cyclist knows: the lighter a helmet is, the better it fits too. As a light road bike or triathlon helmet automatically means less mass weighing on the head and neck, which then starts to move when you turn or shake (for example, due to the unevenness of the track). Which is why we only use ultra-light materials such as EPS and polycarbonate in the production of our CRATONI road bike helmets. The result is a basic body weighing just about 250 grams, which offers maximum protection with the highest impact resistance.

How does the CRATONI road bike helmet achieve its perfect fit?

It fits, does not wobble and always feels great: thanks to the Light-Fit-System (LFS), the CRATONI bicycle helmet has various adjustment options and can be fastened or made tighter as required. As a result, it adapts perfectly to any head shape. The chin clasp with integrated padding is of course just as easy to use and thanks to the reflectors and removable visor, the CRATONI road bike helmet is the perfect companion for every excursion and destination.

Refreshingly unique

the CRATONI road bike and triathlon helmet

Real cycling equipment in a smart design: the CRATONI road bike helmet combines the best of form and function. Efficiency and dynamics are not mutually exclusive, but go hand in hand. Regardless of which model you choose: with a wide range of colours and designs and sizes from S to XL, there is the right road bike helmet for every type.

Road bike helmets for men and women.

That’s why you should opt for CRATONI.

A good helmet is simply a must for cycling – especially when it comes to professional cycling.

At CRATONI you will find high-performance road bike helmets, which also meet the highest standards in terms of safety and performance. Thanks to the excellent ventilation, ultra-light material and innovative design concepts, you will not only be ahead on the race track but also in terms of visual aspects: all the CRATONI road bike helmets are available in many stylish colour versions – from trendy neon yellow to the elegant road bike helmet in black.

Curious? Then take a look at our distribution partners and let them convince you of our unbeatable quality bicycle helmets for road bikes. You can find out where you can buy your new CRATONI road bike helmet at a low price here.