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When Günter Krauter founded the brand CRATONI in Steinberg, Württemberg in 1985, the wearing of helmets was not widespread. But the visionary entrepreneur already knew that head protection would become increasingly important and through innovative products and attractive design, 30 years later, 80% of all skiers wear a helmet and the rate of helmet wearing among sporting cyclists is also in the high double-digit range. During this period, Baden-Württemberg's helmet specialist with the Italian-sounding name has grown to become a global premium brand that influences the market with its innovative technology and trendy designs. In addition to helmets, we at CRATONI will also soon be producing sport glasses. With offices in over 70 countries around the world CRATONI is now one of the leading helmet and eyewear specialists in the sporting goods industry. Professional teams, like the Ghost Factory Racing Team are aware of the outstanding quality of CRATONI and use our products in their competitions. The requirements regarding the products are extremely high especially in the professional sector, and at CRATONI we value the feedback from the athletes and incorporate it directly in our product development. The integration of practical experience helps develop new techniques and steadily improve the quality of our products. In terms of safety, optimum fit, aeration and design, CRATONI products are state of the art and are repeatedly awarded top marks in various tests. The strength of innovation of our medium-sized family-owned company is clearly reflected in our 6,000m2 headquarters inaugurated in Rudersberg in 2010. The building is designed in the shape of a visor and provides working space for 30 people.

Management, sales, development, a design department, a warehouse and a showroom are housed here. There is a launch pad for a private bike park installed on the roof of the headquarters - which is popular and used regularly. Already during the product development phase, CRATONI helmets are through their paces in an in-house testing laboratory with facilities for rigorous physical tests, such as shock absorption, chin straps- and abrasion testing. With a geothermal energy system, heat pump and 290 solar panels, the building is built to maximise resource-efficient energy production. Reason enough for the Stuttgart Real Estate Association to honour the company headquarters in 2011 with the prestigious real estate award of the metropolitan region of Stuttgart. The jury described the newly built headquarters as a "particularly successful example of the implementation of the company philosophy in architecture".

"With our innovative helmet and sports glasses program, we have ensured that ambitious outdoor, professional or amateur athletes make the right decision for the protection of their heads. A long-standing collaboration with teams and specialists from the elite sport has always inspired us to constantly develop the quality of our products," says Günter Krauter on the 30-year success story of his company. When he started 34 years ago, first as an motorcycle dealer and then, in 1982, adding a bicycle manufactory, it was not yet apparent that the production of helmets and goggles would become its main business. Today CRATONI is a recognized player in the international helmet and sports eyewear range.