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General questions

How can I find out which retailer has my favourite helmet in stock?2020-12-01T11:11:37+01:00

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to record and display the current stocks of our retailers. Therefore please contact a CRATONI retailer personally. The retailer can order your desired model if necessary. You can find a CRATONI retailer in your area by using our retailer search.

HOW CAN I FIND A SPECIALIST RETAILER?2020-12-01T11:11:29+01:00

There is a very broad network of specialist retailers in Germany and Austria. You can use our retailer search to find the right CRATONI retailer in your area.

Can I order a helmet directly from CRATONI?2020-12-01T11:10:39+01:00

No, CRATONI helmets are only sold by specialist shops and various online retailers. Ordering directly from us is not possible.

How do I adjust my helmet properly?2020-12-01T11:11:09+01:00

Most bicycle helmets feature an adjustment system in the form of a head ring which allows individual adjustment in the neck area by means of a rotary wheel, covering a wide range of head circumferences. To adjust the fit of the bicycle helmet optimally, it should sit close to the head.

In addition to head circumference, the so-called strap distribution system of the helmet should also fit your head. When wearing the helmet, the safety fastener should ideally be located directly under the chin. The strap system of a helmet fits you if:

• your ears are not covered,
• the chin strap does not cut into the skin,
• you can fit one finger between the chin strap and your chin,
• the straps do not bother you and the helmet fits comfortably.

How can I determine the correct helmet size?2020-12-01T11:11:19+01:00

How do you measure the size of a bicycle helmet? In addition to the correct fit and adjustment of a bicycle helmet, the correct size of the helmet is essential so that the helmet can protect you properly in the event of a fall.

Even the best bicycle helmet is worthless if it does not fit properly and, in the worst case, simply slips off in case of a fall. The right size is therefore essential when buying a bicycle helmet.
Instructions for determining your helmet size:

1. To determine the size of your bicycle helmet, you will need a measuring tape.
2. Put the measuring tape around your head by placing it just above your eyebrows and guide it around your head as straight as possible.
3. The determined number in centimetres (cm) is your helmet size.


Battery change Rearlight Type F – for RLS System from 20182022-02-16T14:22:34+01:00

Suitable for: Speedfighter, AllRide, Velo-X, C-Swift, AllRide Jr., Maxster-Pro, Maxster

Battery type: CR1225
Screw: Allen wrench 1.5mm

Battery change Rearlight Type G – for C-Loom, Commuter & Evo2020-12-01T11:09:39+01:00
Battery change Rearlight Type I – for C-Pure2020-12-01T11:09:43+01:00
Battery change Rearlight Type J – for LFS System from 20202020-12-01T11:09:47+01:00

Suitable for: C-Pro, C-Bolt, alle C-Maniac, AllTrack, AllSet, AllRace, C-Flash, Agravic, C-PureC-Classic, C-Grand, Pacer, Pacer Jr.

Battery type: CR1225


My helmet was damaged in a fall. What do I have to do?2020-12-01T11:10:08+01:00

Bicycle helmets must be replaced after a fall. Even if no damage to the helmet can be seen after the fall, the helmet may no longer provide sufficient protection and should be replaced in any case.

As a special guarantee service in the event of a fall, CRATONI offers the Cratoni Crash Replacement Guarantee in addition to the statutory 2-year warranty:

CRATONI replaces any helmet that has become unusable after a crash, with a value of up to 50% of the recommended retail price. This is applicable for the first owner and only within a period of 3 years after the date of purchase. To get a new replacement helmet, fill in the online form under Service/Complaints and send use the defective helmet including its serial number, the guarantee card from the instruction manual and a copy of the invoice.

Spare parts

My helmet is defective. Where can I get spare parts?2020-12-01T11:11:47+01:00

If there is any damage to your helmet, please use the contact form to send us a short description, a photo of the damage and a photo of the invoice. Our staff will then get in touch with you.


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