Mountainbike Helmet


Always ready for a new adventure!

The Highlights of the AllSet

The ALLSET Mountainbike helmet is a real top seller and has already made many positive headlines. BIKE, Europe’s biggest bike magazine, awarded it the coveted BIKE TIPP title after the first test and that was no coincidence. The ALLSET impresses across the board: it is super balanced, light, mega comfortable, very well equipped and now the best thing of all, it also looks damn good. Top design and very cool colours. By the way, the other bike magazines had similar opinions. Come and see our ALLSET for yourself.

  • Visier adjustable with MX-Goggle Port

  • incl. Camera port

  • Ultra leight off 290 grams

Sizes / UVP

  • S-M – 54-58cm

  • M-L – 58-61cm

  • UVP: 119,95€

Color variants

Your bike helmet look


Crash Sensor
Cratoni C-Safe Crash-Sensor mit CRATONI-App


RRP: 69.95 €

Rearlight LFS

3 Modi,
incl. Battery

RRP: 14.95 €

Rain cover

black or

RRP: 19.95 €

Under cover

effective protection from the cold.

RRP: 14.95 €