C-Active Photochromic

C-Active Photochromic

Up to any challenge.

No matter which outdoor sport you choose, with the C-ACTIVE you are perfectly equipped – and at an outstanding price-performance ratio. What other sports eyewear in this class can boast photochromic, i.e. self-tinting lenses of high optical quality, and a rubberized Ultraflex frame in wrap-around design?  If you’re looking for a durable, functional all-season goggle with a perfect fit, look no further.

Frame: black rubber
Glas: light grey

RRP 59,95 €


What the C-Active can do

  • photochromic optical quality lens
  • 100% UV-protection
  • transmission 60% – 15% (cat. 1-3)
  • scratch-resistant
  • PA/rubber ultraflex-frame

Photochromic – TECHNOLOGY

Perfect for changing light conditions

The photochromic lenses guarantee automatic tinting and optimal adaptation to changing light conditions. We are not only talking about different daylight due to a change in the weather or the onset of twilight. Much more critical is a change of light when driving from a shady forest area to a bright clearing and vice versa. Your glasses automatically change to an adjusted tint level.