C-Lite Color+ Lifestyle

COLOR+ LIFESTYLE technology reduces the intensity of light, which preserves your ability to concentrate.

With these ultra-lightweight glasses, you’ll be equipped for sports and everyday life – from sunrise to sunset. Your e-bike takes you to the office in the morning and in the evening you power your gravel bike through the park – no matter what you are doing, the C-LITE is always the right choice. The COLOR+ LIFESTYLE technology reduces the light intensity, which helps you maintain your ability to focus and slows down how quickly you get tired. In addition, the filter is tuned to the color spectrum of gray and blue tones, which makes it better at filtering out reflections from roads or buildings.


What the C-Lite can do

  • COLOR+ LIFESTLYE High Definition lens
  • 100% UV-protection
  • transmission 13% (cat. 3)
  • scratch-resistant
  • unrestricted visual field
  • TR90 flex-frame
  • antifog air intakes
  • Snap-In/Out-temple
  • adjustable Elastomer nose pad
  • Elastomer gripper temple tips
  • ergonomic flex-fit
  • weight: 25 g

Model variants

Choose your color!

Frame: black matt
Lens: grey-blue

RRP 99,95 €

Frame: coffee matt
Lens: grey-blue

RRP 99,95 €

Frame: petrol matt
Lens: grey-blue

RRP 99,95 €


Glasses with convincing color brilliance

On the trail or on the road, quick reaction is what counts in critical moments. The prerequisite for this is crystal-clear optical perception under all lighting conditions. With lenses featuring COLOR+ technology, critical situations are detected more rapidly. COLOR+ are contrast-enhancing high-definition lenses with impressive color brilliance. Disruptive stray light and reflections are filtered out and harmful infrared light is reflected. Rapid changes in light and shade are balanced. The technology also ensures 100% UV protection.
The COLOR+ SPORT version with amber tinting optimizes high-contrast perception in off-road and on-road terrain and ensures a harmonious transition between bright and shaded areas.
COLOR+ LIFESTYLE is optimized for lighting conditions in urban environments and for building or road reflections.


Anti Fog Ventilation

Aerodynamically optimized air intakes in the lens ensure effective antifog ventilation and comfortable air circulation without exposing the eyes to direct airflow.