C-Maniac 2.0 MX

Fullface Helmet

Complete head protection

For all those who like to push it to the limit

The C-MANIAC 2.0 MX is the right Enduro bike helmet for passionate warriors verging on genius and madness. Tough climbs and technically challenging descents. If you push your bike to the limit or even beyond, the C-MANIAC 2.0 MX is just the right bike helmet for you. The new lightweight model embodies everything mountain bikers want: an extremely light and comfortable fit, good ventilation, a cool style and, of course, the best possible protection. And that’s also what’s on offer: because anyone who bombs down the trail at 60 km/h must be absolutely certain that they have made the right decision with the bicycle helmet and that they are perfectly equipped and protected if the unmentionable should happen. The C-MANIAC 2.0 MX radiates pure adrenaline and is definitely not for sissies.

CE EN 1078



Available sizes

S-M (52-56 cm)
M-L (54-58 cm)
L-XL (58-61 cm)

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Highlights C-maniac 2.0 MX


C-Maniac 2.0 MX

C-Maniac 2.0 MX blue-orange matt

A good fit is essential when every second counts. The goal was to develop a system that quickly, safely and yet comfortably holds the helmet on the head. The adjustment mechanism is extremely small and light, the size can be adjusted easily using two fingers. The LFS height can also be adjusted three times to ensure the optimum fit. A perfect strap guide ensures unrestricted comfort for men and women. More performance with a whole 15% less weight for a 100% more efficient system!




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What the C-Maniac 2.0 MX has to offer

Pure Performance

The C-Maniac 2.0 MX in action


C-Maniac 2.0 MX accessories

LFS rear light – type J

Our rear light, which fits on the LFS size adjustment system for additional visibility, offers a luminous tape with three light levels.

Warm face mask

A face mask that keeps you reliably warm thanks to its extended ear and neck area and sits perfectly without wrinkling. Your windproof, reliable and effective protection from the cold.

Rain cover

The rain cover protects against the wet and draughts and can be attached quickly and easily using a draw cord. The reflectors offer maximum visibility. The rain cover is available in black or neon yellow.

Reflective sticker card

The various reflective stickers for your helmet help you increase your visibility and safety.

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