Project Description

Bike goggles for children

High wearing comfort and style for kids

Our latest product development in the cycling glasses for kids segment is our C-Spin. And it has also become a really great success straight away because it is impressive in all categories. Perfect fit, cool design, low weight and top performance with guaranteed visibility in any riding situation

RRP € 29.95



Our lenses provide 100% UV protection for your eyes.

Our anti-fog technology reliably prevents your lenses from fogging up and provides a clear view.

The durability of your goggles is especially supported by our anti-scratch technology, which protects the lenses from scratches.

The flexible brackets enable an optimal fit

Smoke lens with revo mirror

Soft rubber endings for secure and comfortable fitting

Dark tint, light transmission range: over 8% to 18%

All Cratoni glasses deliver including a microfiber bag for safe storage

Color versions

Your eyewear look

Protection in spite of high solar radiation

100% UV protection

Protection levels

Category Description Light transmission range
0 colorless / light-tint over 80% to 100%
1 light-tint over 43% to 80%
2 medium-tint over 18% to 43%
3 dark tint over 8% to 18%
4 very dark tint (not suitable for traffic) over 3% to 8%

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