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Beginner bike goggles

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The cool bike glasses

our all-rounder

Our Raw are cool cycling glasses that are perfect for beginners. Top performance for a top price – the whole package couldn’t be better. Mega comfortable to wear thanks to the rubberised nosepiece. They always guarantee a clear view in every riding situation and are impressive in a wide range of light conditions.

RRP € 39.95



Color versions

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What the Raw has to offer

Protection in spite of high solar radiation

100% UV protection

Protection levels


CategoryDescriptionLight transmission range
0colorless / light-tintover 80%to 100%
1light-tintover 43%to 80%
2medium-tintover 18%to 43%
3dark tintover 8%to 18%
4very dark tint (not suitable for traffic)over 3%to 8%

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