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Perfect vision, perfect protection

Wind, rain, insects, sun. These influences can quickly spoil the fun of cycling without the right eye protection. We have developed a varied collection of sports glasses for you so this does not happen to you. They range basic cycling glasses for beginners to fashion sports glasses and high performance road bike sunglasses. And we also have the right cycling glasses for ambitious juniors – they look great, fit perfectly and of course offer first- class protection for the eyes.

How are sports glasses better than sunglasses?

Restricted visibility or even dirt in the eye can lead to dangerous situations when cycling – in rough terrain as well as in road traffic. Good eye protection is therefore worth its weight in gold. And the faster you cycle, the more important it is. But why are special sport glasses required?

It’s very simple. Sports glasses or cycling glasses offer you:

  • Good all-round wind protection for the eyes – no tears or dry eyes caused by the wind
  • Individual adjustment of the nose pad
  • Perfect protection against flying insects, dust, pollen and sand
  • Firm and at the same time comfortable fit – the glasses do not slip.

Always a clear view with sports glasses thanks to the coating

Sports glasses not only have larger lenses (the entire eye area is protected) but also special coatings. On the one hand, they ensure that your glasses don’t fog up – no matter how much the temperatures fluctuate. This is also known as the anti-fog effect – a feature you can rely on with every pair of CRATONI sports glasses.

On the other hand, water rolls off much better – so raindrops and sweat don’t stand a chance when you’re cycling in the city, country or mountains.

Firm grip even on strenuous tours

Speaking of beads of sweat: They form all over the head when riding actively, so on the sides of the forehead or ears. This in turn can cause the temples to slip, at least if you are wearing normal glasses or sunglasses. But not so with sports glasses: they fit close to the head over the ears and remain there even during extreme climbs or high-speed rides.

Unbreakable material prevents injuries

Another important argument in favour of special sports glasses instead of normal glasses is the unbreakable material polycarbonate. There is no risk of eye injury from splinters in the event of a fall. However, since even regular use of the glasses can be associated with heavy strain on the lenses and temples, you should also pay attention to the anti-scratch feature when choosing the right bicycle glasses – a long-lasting scratch protection that you get with every CRATONI sports glasses model.

Lightweight eye protection

Polycarbonate also contributes to the sports glasses being lightweight. Who wants additional loads on their head when seconds are at stake? By the way, our first place in the weight ranking are the CRATONI AIR BLAST sports glasses weighing just 32 grams. This is largely due to the clever design, which makes the cycling glasses look almost frameless when viewed from the front.

How important is the tint for sports glasses?

At CRATONI you will find bicycle glasses in almost all protection/tint levels – from level 0 with colourless/light ting to level 3 with dark tint and very low light transmission. Whether the tint is useful or necessary depends on when you are out and about with your bike on the one hand and what is important to you personally about your cycling glasses on the other hand.

If you attach particular importance to windproof cycling glasses that also keep out annoying insects, dust, sand and pollen, you can do without the tint. The same also applies if you are more likely to be out and about at twilight.

However, when it is bright during the day, tinted sports glasses clearly have advantages, even when the sun is not shining. Cycling is much more relaxed due to the tint and this should not be underestimated especially on long tours.

A pair of photochromatic cycling glasses are extremely practical in this context. With these models, the lens’ tint automatically adjusts to the light conditions so you always have the best view. The technical term for this function is phototropic or photochromic lenses. You can find this feature at CRATONI in the HIGH FLY and C-SHADE sports glasses. A must-have technology for professional athletes and even ambitious cyclists, the advantages of which you will not want to do without once you have tried it. As an alternative to the photochromic cycling glasses, you can use cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses to match the light exposure or time of the day. In the CRATONI sports glasses range you will find cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses, for example the AIR BLAST and FUTURO models.

What about UV protection with the sports sunglasses?

Sports glasses and cycling glasses offer you optimum UV protection. By the way, with CRATONI sports glasses you are opting for 100% protection against UV radiation with every model of glasses. This means that the glasses all carry the UV 400-CE seal, which shows that the sports glasses block light 100 percent up to a wavelength of 400 nanometres. Excellent light protection, which also allows for much more relaxed cycling.

The right sports glasses for ambitions mountain bikers

Whether it’s cross-country, downhill or enduro – extreme biking challenges call for sports glasses that are up to special missions. That’s what goggles are for – sturdy mountain bike glasses that won’t be damaged by mud, branches or falls. Just like our C-DIRTTRACK and C-RAGE MX goggles.

Both sports glasses for mountain biking combine perfect eye protection with the best possible vision and are available in numerous stylish colours. They are also perfectly matched to the mountain bike helmets.

Thanks to the dual-layer foam, you can rely on them being pleasantly comfortable to wear during all manoeuvres and concentrate fully on the course. Like all the other CRATONI glasses, the CRATONI goggles also feature the familiar anti-fog technology, so you can always keep your eyes on the slope, no matter how wild it gets.

Do you fancy taking a closer look at the CRATONI sports glasses or testing them live? You can quickly find a specialist shop near you using our retailer search.

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