Project Description

Adjustable sunglasses

Top-rated bike goggles

The AIRBLAST are absolutely fantastic glasses and were rated VERY GOOD by BIKE, Europe’s biggest bicycle magazine. They weigh just 32 grams and provide reliable and faithful service on every bicycle tour. From the front they look virtually frameless, a result of the clever design by CRATONI. The lens is very easy to change; the fit can be individually adapted really easily thanks to the adjustable nose pads and soft rubber coating.

RRP € 69.95


Air Blast

Color versions

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What the Air Blast has to offer


Protection levels

Category Description Light transmission range
0 colorless / light-tint over 80% to 100%
1 light-tint over 43% to 80%
2 medium-tint over 18% to 43%
3 dark tint over 8% to 18%
4 very dark tint (not suitable for traffic) over 3% to 8%

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