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Sunglasses with interchangeable lenses

Clear view guaranteed

Our lightweight C-SHADE cycling glasses guarantee the right view in all lighting conditions. Thanks to photochromic technology, the lens adapts to changing light conditions in a flash. All contours and obstacles can be detected in time even in sudden shady passages. The anti-fog coating guarantees a fog-free field of vision at all times and anti-scratch technology prevents the scratching of lenses. In addition to their technical features, the C-SHADE impress wearers with their extraordinary design and light weight. An interchangeable transparent lens is also supplied.

RRP € 79.95



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What the C-Shade has to offer


Individual contrasts

Photochromic glass

Protection levels

Category Description Light transmission range
0 colorless / light-tint over 80% to 100%
1 light-tint over 43% to 80%
2 medium-tint over 18% to 43%
3 dark tint over 8% to 18%
4 very dark tint (not suitable for traffic) over 3% to 8%

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