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Also in the city – always with helmet!

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your bicycle helmet for the city

The time when bicycle helmets were considered uncool and people were more ashamed of being safe on the roads is now finally over. In the meantime, there are countless cool bike helmets that you can combine perfectly with your outfit and lifestyle. For example, the hip City helmets from CRATONI.

Cool bicycle helmets for an urban lifestyle

We combine the latest technology with classic design, leaving nothing to be desired. You are equipped for a whole variety of different situations with your new bicycle helmet for the city. Do you cycle to work every day, do you only use it for short trips or do you like to go for a bike ride into the countryside at the weekend? At CRATONI, we provide you with an all-round carefree package in the Lifestyle range with our modern bicycle helmets. To guarantee you the highest level of safety on your tours, the stylish bike helmets have integrated or retrofittable rear lights and reflectors.

The different helmet sizes and optimised adjustment system ensure your helmet fits perfectly and is guaranteed not to slip.

Easy to handle modern bicycle helmets

Are you also annoyed by old bicycle helmets that you have to adjust again and again and that just don’t quite fit your head shape? Some bicycle helmets are heavy and restrict your freedom of movement considerably. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Once you have found the right CRATONI City helmet, you and your new accessory will be inseparable.

Are you already familiar with our C-Loom 2.0 feel-good bicycle helmet? It guarantees a perfect fit because this is essential in the helmet area. What’s more, it impresses with its trendy design and attractive colours. The city bicycle helmet has three height adjustment settings and a Steplock lock with comfortable chin pads for an even more stable fit. Thanks to the eleven ventilation openings, this modern bicycle helmet provides you with excellent air circulation. You are of course perfectly protected with this City helmet, as the extended coverage zones also protect the back of the neck and temple area.

In addition to the popular C-Loom 2.0 model, we naturally also have other great Lifestyle bike helmets. There is guaranteed to be the right one for you.

Your stylish bike helmet – as individual as you are

Our test winner VELO-X represents urban modernity bundled into one. This helmet is up to all your challenges and lives up to exactly what you want from a bicycle helmet in this day and age: adaptability, safety, protection, style and above all individuality. This lightweight does of course have an integrated rear light so you can draw attention to yourself in the dark too.

You will find stylish bicycle helmets in different sizes at our retailers. Do you actually know which helmet size is the right one for you? To be on the safe side, you can get a few tips to make sure your City helmet fits correctly here.

How to work out your helmet size

First of all you should measure your head circumference to find the right helmet size. Just take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your head. Place the tape measure two fingers wide above your eyebrow and above the ears. If you don’t have a tape measure to hand, a piece of string can also be used, which you can then measure using a folding rule or ruler.

The right City helmet for big heads

Our City helmets all have an easy to read “from-to value” with which you can choose exactly the size that fits you. If you have a particularly large head, that’s naturally not a problem either. Our C-Swift was designed especially for people who have a larger than average head circumference.

You’ll steal the show from everyone with this

With the C-Mate you are pretty unbeatable in terms of style. These cool retro style bicycle helmets make you look like a trendsetter from the 90s in the USA. When you cycle through your town wearing this, the other road users will turn green with envy.

We provide this City helmet sensation in really loud colours, in addition to classic matt black and matt white. You’ll brighten up the city with this. This cool bicycle helmet is not only suitable for cyclists of course. You will naturally also cut a great figure on inline skates, e-scooters and on a skateboard wearing this. This bicycle helmet for the city also only weighs an unbeatable 220 grams. You will hardly feel it and still be superbly protected.

You will also find other cool bicycle helmets with different features in our Lifestyle category. But they all have a few things in common:

  • Lightweight
  • Cool design
  • Extended protection zones in the neck and temple area
  • Perfect air circulation
  • Maximum fit and breathability

Have we convinced you? Then find the retailer near you now and you can soon be cycling really stylishly through town: wearing a cool bicycle helmet by CRATONI.