Bike goggles with mirrored lenses

The Windsnipe

Our lightweight and extremely stylish FUTURO cycling glasses from CRATONI guarantee a clear view in every riding situation and under the most varied light conditions. They also offer maximum comfort thanks to their rubberised nosepiece and 100 percent UV protection. With the orange and clear interchangeable lenses, our Futuro can be individually adapted to weather conditions or personal preferences.

RRP € 69.95



Color versions

Your eyewear look


What the Futuro has to offer

Protection in spite of high solar radiation

100% UV protection

Protection levels

Category Description Light transmission range
0 colorless / light-tint over 80% to 100%
1 light-tint over 43% to 80%
2 medium-tint over 18% to 43%
3 dark tint over 8% to 18%
4 very dark tint (not suitable for traffic) over 3% to 8%